Brainstorming Session

Are you feeling completely STUCK? Overwhelmed? Not sure what to do or where your marketing is going wrong? Use this 45-minute brainstorming session to ask me anything about marketing strategy, messaging, materials, social media - the time is yours!

My promise to you is that you will get:

1. A personal one-on-one screen-share conference call with me, Adrianne Machina, a 20 year sales and marketing veteran. You can call in by phone if you prefer.

2. A copy of the recorded session you can use as a reference in the future.

3. A guarantee that you'll receive value. If you don't feel you got the value expected from the call or it's not a fit, I will happily make it right or refund your money. If we decide to work together on a larger marketing project, I will apply this session fee towards the project deposit.